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The Drive In is OPEN....scroll down for more info to enjoy your visit.


Photo courtesy of Derek Bumgarner (Bitterroot Drone Service)

Consessions and Ice Creame info Click Here

OK , so many people have been asking about the Drive In, how many nights a week does it run, what are you going to show, where is it going to be, how do I listen to the sound etc.

Our first 3 Concert Showings /Events Garth Brooks and Blake Sheltonand Metallica were a great success!! These exclusive events are for Drive Ins ONLY. No regular theaters, no streaming, no Blurays. you can get the details here . Locations will be announced online. There will be a new concert each couple of weeks or so of the summer/fall featuring a new exciting major artist. Only at Drive Ins. We are also in contact with other original content providers to bring exclusive entertainment to the valley as Hollywood is withdrawing right now.

The Drive in is now finished for the Season. We may do special events at the Drive In or rentals for special events.

Our new soft serve ice cream InFuzion machine is here.... 9 AMAZING flavors to choose from plus toppings !!!! Perfect for summer movie fun. The Ice Cream machine will be running when the weather is warm enough.

The Drive In will run Thursday through Saturday. The initial rush is over now so you can come on week days or weekends and still get in no problem. We can accomodate 130 cars total. We also have a large grass area directly in front of the screen that you can purchase tickets at the front indoor counter and proceed with your lawnchair/ blanket etc to the grass zone. All tickets are on a first come first serve basis. No reserving parking spaces is allowed. If you drive a shorter (not tall) vehicle you can park in the first 3 rows (A to C). Taller SUVs and Vans must park in the back three rows. The last rows (F & E) are for tall trucks that wish to park facing backward using the bed for seating. The back row has a down slope optimizing truck bed viewing. We reserve the right to determine optimal parking to provide the best view for all patrons. Many patrons sit in the back of their SUVs and open the hatch. This is fine as long as the hatch doesn't extend above the roof too much.

The Drive In will run one show per night starting approximately 9:30 pm because of the late summer sun and daylight savings time. Double features only work down south where it gets dark by 7pm. The audio for the movie as well as preshow music and announcements will be on 100.9 FM frequency. The Drive In gate office will open at 8:15pm daily to allow patrons time to get settled in and have some ice cream. Gates will close at 10:00. No admittance after the gates close. Please drive carefully and be considerate. You may sit outside your vehicle but be careful as others are arriving and driving through. No tailgating/grilling/loud music other than listening to the preshow and movie sound. Everone playing the same sound works, everyone playing something different doesn't.

Make sure your FM radio works in your car and that you have a battery in good condition. Your may start your engine occasionally to maintain charge is allowed. Constantly running your engine or loud engines during the movie are not. A portable FM radio works great and doesn't run your battery down. FM headsets are the ultimate control and isolation solution. Most nicer BlueTooth heaphones and bluetooth speakers have an FM function built in .

We are putting in a new Drive In access sidewalk directly to the bathrooms and concession area in the main theater. Both the main theater and the Drive In will operate at the same time giving you the maximum choice in movies. At times the same movie will be available inside and in the Drive In.

Masks are currently NOT required on property, you do what makes you feel comfortable.

Additonal Info will be posted here as it becomes available. Thank You for your Local support. !!